Supplement Cleanse

So I am currently in the middle of 1 week without my supplements. The part that makes this easier that I am not going to gym during this time. Giving my body “rest week” since I usually pushing it between 5-7 days a week. Figured a few days out of the office (actual office) and a few days away from the other office (this time I mean the gym) would help my aches and pains and allow me to go all in when I return either this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

Physically, I don’t feel that much different, the big change that I notice is that I am not urinating as much. When you drink 8 ounces for pre-workout, 20+ for BCAA and even more for post workout protein and creatine, you tend to go to the bathroom a lot. I have been able to sleep full nights without waking up to use the bathroom. Always a plus, though I do miss them greatly. The supplements and going to the gym, no the pissing part, whats wrong with you? Just playing.

Mentally I feel very focused when I am at the gym while taking my preworkout and I haven’t noticed a change but that could also be because I haven’t been working out. I have noticed a reduced level of hunger though. Maybe since I’m not working out, I’m not burning off calories and making space for more food? Not sure. Not complaining though, I don’t always enjoy stuffing my face.

All in all, so far I have not noticed anything different in my daily feelings. Usually I don’t feel the supplments when it’s been a while since I have taken them so nothing new there. Have a few more days to cleanse myself and I will post again before I start taking again.

Stay tuned and comment below!

Worked Out Without the Preworkout

So I decided to workout last night without my preworkout and my bcaa. I wanted to see what the result would be and to see if there would be a difference in my performance and how I felt throughout the workout.

The first thing I noticed was that my motivation was way down. I didn’t have the rush that I usually get from the pre-workout and I feel that it stopped or prevented me from getting into the mood to be at the gym. I had to find the motivation to push through do the reps.

My strength was there,  I didn’t have to reduce any of the weight for any of my exercises. In some cases I even increased the weight but that could have been part of my regular routine and when I generally increase the weight.

One of the big things that I did notice was that recovery took longer.  My break between sets and exercises was longer than usual which led to my workout taking more time. Not a big fan of sitting around at the gym but workout my bcaa and preworkout, the longer break was needed.

I also noticed that my focus was off. Usually I could snap into the mode but it took longer this time to get there and in some cases I started my set without the focus that I would have liked. My preworkout always helped with this and it was surely missed.

In short,  my experiment showed me that I still have the strength and energy to compete my workout without sacrifice but that it will take longer and I will have to put in an extra effort in order to reach completion,  but maybe this will help my gains.