Moving soon!

ed-moving-boxes_480-largeMoving this weekend and I can’t wait! Sadly it means I won’t be able to spend time at the gym but at least I will get a little bit of exercise moving boxes and furniture!

It will be good for me to do as well because I remember how difficult it was for me to move some of the furniture the last time I moved 2 years ago, way before I started really going to the gym. I am expecting to see a difference in how I move and how heavy everything feels to me. By that I mean I expect everything to be a bit lighter, except for my wife’s collection of text books from college…

What will be good for me in terms of this move is that I will have far more room to do what I want to do! I can set up some weights in the basement and be able to use it as a home gym when I can’t get to the real gym, or for some post workout or unable to sleep nights! I will also be making one room a studio room, I will have my digital drums and guitars etc. inside it so I can play when I want.

I also will have my studio computer set up in the room and I have just upgraded it! I have shot several vlog videos for my upcoming YouTube channel, so stay tuned in for updates about that and subscribe when you can!


Pain but Not Painful

moving-septic-systemIt seems like I am always having elbow issues and this time it came from playing with a vicious 9 pound dog belonging to my mother in-law. I smacked my elbow into the couch and where it doesn’t hurt me 99% of the time and it doesn’t prevent me from doing anything or make me feel weaker, it hurts like hell when something pulls my skin.

For example if I am resting my elbow on the couch arm, it doesn’t hurt! But if I slide my elbow forward along the couch I am in extreme pain to the point where I am flailing. Not sure if it is possible nerve damage? Maybe I did some bone damage? I don’t feel anything out of place or different when I feel around but who knows.

The important thing for me is that it hasn’t stopped me from doing what I need to do in life and at the gym. I have been doing my workouts at full strength and even raising my PRs as I do it! Luckily for me it also hasn’t prevented me from packing up my apartment as I am moving in a few days!

Looking forward to the move, and I will be posting updates, especially as I build my home gym! Granted it won’t be much more than I can find for cheap on Craigslist, but it will be great to have a place to go when I can’t get to place!


Hitting a Snag

Seems like a lot of times when I start to gain momentum I end up hitting a snag one way or another. I can understand every now and again but it get tiring when it happens so often. At least this time it wasn’t caused by the weights.

I was rough housing with a vicious dog, I mean vicious, growling, teeth baring, slobbering 9 pounds of fury. I was pouncing with the dog in my in-lawdemons living room when I guess my left arm flung backwards and crashed into the couch. It hurt a lot at first, almost like I smashed into an object (which I did) and was electrocuted at the same time. After the initial pain went away it felt better and I thought I was through it, no big deal. Now when I put my elbow down or extend awkwardly I feel an instant severe stinging to the same place each time. It makes arm rest hellish.

On top of this, I have been getting dizzying headaches the last few days. I tried to power through one over the weekend and was unable to. Was planning on going to the gym today but once again got another headache and didn’t even want to start.

If anyone has any suggestions, please share! Headaches are not fun!


Joined a New Gym

Soon my wife will be graduating and I will no longer have access to the university gym. That sucks, the gym is fantastic with lots of equiptment and people are respectful and the equiptment is well maintained and everything is kept clean. Not to mention that I was paying $60 a year! I used to pay more than that to put gas in my truck!

I already knew which gym I was going to join, Retro Fitness. I used to belong to it a few years ago and well, now I am back. Signing up was easy enough, fill out a few questions on an Ipad and give them your billing information. Simple stuff. Cost me $40 for enrollment, first two months free and than it will be around $21 a month.

Once I got in I saw all the yellow and red equiptment and it looks like in the pictures! In th
e past the few Retro Fitness locations I have been to had the generic gray color machines. I walked into the locker, changed, locked my stuff up and was ready to hit the weights….and then I got onto the floor and it was a shocker.

I guess I spoiled myself at the university gym where it was a mixed crowd and I was in the middle for size (strength wise). At this location I was probably one of the smallest people at the gym. I saw guys whose arms were easily bigger than my head or leg. Machines were crowded and it took me a few minutes to get my situation straight.bodybuilder

I made my way around doing a few exercises and learning where everything is. I started my workout with my trusty application on my phone, good thing Retro has WiFi! I chose to do abs, chest and some shoulders today. As I started to get into the groove of the place I started to become more comfortable inside my own skin and was able to salvage the workout and put on a strong showing for myself. These jacked guys I was working out around which started out as intimidation soon became inspiration. Not that I want to be supersized, but a good Ryan Rynolds size would be cool. I got more comfortable and observed people doing exercises that I have never done before and was soon trying them out myself. This turned out to be a great gym day both workout wise and learning. I was able to do 25 minutes of cardio which I am trying to throw into the end of my gym time (1H50M).

Afterwards I took a shower and went about my day. This was a great experiance for me once I got over everything and was able to return to being myself and working towards my goals.



End of Break and Supplement Cleanse

So on Tuesday it was my first day back at the gym and did I miss it. My body was feeling 1240053_677711735601149_885581815_nreally good after a few days off the gym and I took my pre-workout and BCAA. I was pumped and I was ready. I decided to do everybodies favorite workout, ARM DAY!

I missed the feeling of the pre-workout, once I took it again I couldn’t figure out why I decided to stop for a few days. The workout felt that much more fullfilling. I raised the weight on nearly every exercise. Was this because of the rest or the pre-workout? Who knows, all I know is that I had new PRs, felt great and was very happy with myself and in the long run, isn’t that the gym is supposed to do for us?

I set my goals and I am on the way the conquering them. Sometimes taking a break from the gym for a few days allows us to rest fully and push more when we return. I definatly had more energy and strength than usual and I was happy to expend it.

End of Rest Week and Supplement Cleanse

Today is the final day of my rest week. I have been resting my body since the 7th and today is the 11th and I will back at the gym on the 12th. This will mark 5 full days away from the gym. I figured this would be a good idea to let my body rest and for some aches and pains to go away.

elbow-painBefore I started this week of rest I was having pain in both my elbows (leftover golf/tennis elbow?) and a few other minor pains. I was able to work through these issues but I was also
able to tell that they were slowly getting worse. After 5 days of not using the gym I feel much better. I have full plans on hitting the gym tomorrow and having a hardcore workout. Will the pains come back? Who knows, wouldn’t shock me because I push myself a lot. Part of me enjoys the pain, makes me feel like I succeeded. No pain, no gain. Is that still the saying?

Either way, I know I probaably gained a pound or 5 as I have not been the best at momnitoring my diet during this time but I will be sure to burn that off as fast as I can. Planning on a lot of gym stuff coming up.

I’ve been away from the supplements for 7 days. Typically these do not affect me unless I300 have taken them recently. I posted what it was like for me to go to the gym without the supplements (pre-workout, BCAA, protein, creatine) but it has not felt any different when I have not been at the gym, so no complaints there.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym and I will be taking my supplements and I can’t wait. I miss the drive and I miss the feeling of being at the gym. Stay tuned as I post about it.

Supplement Cleanse

So I am currently in the middle of 1 week without my supplements. The part that makes this easier that I am not going to gym during this time. Giving my body “rest week” since I usually pushing it between 5-7 days a week. Figured a few days out of the office (actual office) and a few days away from the other office (this time I mean the gym) would help my aches and pains and allow me to go all in when I return either this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

Physically, I don’t feel that much different, the big change that I notice is that I am not urinating as much. When you drink 8 ounces for pre-workout, 20+ for BCAA and even more for post workout protein and creatine, you tend to go to the bathroom a lot. I have been able to sleep full nights without waking up to use the bathroom. Always a plus, though I do miss them greatly. The supplements and going to the gym, no the pissing part, whats wrong with you? Just playing.

Mentally I feel very focused when I am at the gym while taking my preworkout and I haven’t noticed a change but that could also be because I haven’t been working out. I have noticed a reduced level of hunger though. Maybe since I’m not working out, I’m not burning off calories and making space for more food? Not sure. Not complaining though, I don’t always enjoy stuffing my face.

All in all, so far I have not noticed anything different in my daily feelings. Usually I don’t feel the supplments when it’s been a while since I have taken them so nothing new there. Have a few more days to cleanse myself and I will post again before I start taking again.

Stay tuned and comment below!

Worked Out Without the Preworkout

So I decided to workout last night without my preworkout and my bcaa. I wanted to see what the result would be and to see if there would be a difference in my performance and how I felt throughout the workout.

The first thing I noticed was that my motivation was way down. I didn’t have the rush that I usually get from the pre-workout and I feel that it stopped or prevented me from getting into the mood to be at the gym. I had to find the motivation to push through do the reps.

My strength was there,  I didn’t have to reduce any of the weight for any of my exercises. In some cases I even increased the weight but that could have been part of my regular routine and when I generally increase the weight.

One of the big things that I did notice was that recovery took longer.  My break between sets and exercises was longer than usual which led to my workout taking more time. Not a big fan of sitting around at the gym but workout my bcaa and preworkout, the longer break was needed.

I also noticed that my focus was off. Usually I could snap into the mode but it took longer this time to get there and in some cases I started my set without the focus that I would have liked. My preworkout always helped with this and it was surely missed.

In short,  my experiment showed me that I still have the strength and energy to compete my workout without sacrifice but that it will take longer and I will have to put in an extra effort in order to reach completion,  but maybe this will help my gains.

The Gym: Cure for the Common Headache?

So today I really wanted to go to the gym but I had a bad headache that kept me on the couch for most of the day. I tried taking tylenal, getting fresh air, eatting and having caffinated beverages. Quite often a can of Monster helps out very much but I didn’t have any around me today so that was out of the question.

I went out with my wife and did a few errands hoping that being out of the house would help and sadly it did no help. The upside of of going out was it led me tot he mall where I went to Teavana and that helped somewhat. They have good tea there but still didn’t do the trick.

I tend to get headaches a lot and I have to make an advance decision on whether or not to go to the gym. When I have one of my common headaches going to the gym is the best thing for me. Not sure if it a side effect of my pre-workout or if it the actual workout itself but it helps my headaches to either feel better or to completly go away.

The issue is, if I try to go to the gym when I have one of my bad headaches, it doens’t matter what I do or what I take (pre-workout) my headache will only get worse while I am at the gym to the point where I can’t put my concentration into the weights and it becomes unsafe for me to continue.

Over time I have learned the feeling of which types of headaches will be helped or hurt by working out which has benefited me greatly because it helps me to feel even better during a workout when it helps to cure my headache.

Anything to add? Comment below!