Starting the Last Week of Month 1

14673069524273 weeks into my new workout plan “JIM STOPPANI’S 12-WEEK SHORTCUT TO SIZE” I am still alive and going strong. I know that I may not be fulfilling the calorie requirements but it is hard to go from eating around 1700 calories to suddenly jump up to 3500. That is more than double! Not going to happen, but I have been following the workouts and I can see the changes that my body has earned for itself, though I did need someone else to show me before I could actually see the difference.

I have been learning new exercises which is one of the key reasons that I decided to make this change in gym life. The breakdown of the workout days has been very helpful. It spreads leg workouts throughout the week (as well as has a day where more time is dedicated to leg day) and I don’t feel like I am overdoing my arms. It has allowed my elbows to feel better, though the increase in other exercises has caused my shoulders to hurt a little big more.

I highly recommend this plan for anyone who is looking for a new way to organize their workouts as well as learn new things.

Since starting, my chest is more defined as well as my abs. As my friend Opi puts it, back in October I had a muffin top and now you can see the beginning of a 6-pack starting. Good things for me to hear. My arms have also grown a little bit but has also been toning up. Looking more vascular as well, as long as I don’t get to the freaky type of vascular. The circumference of my neck has gone down, but my shoulders look more bulked as well as my face is now thinning. I am comparing a lot of this to how I looked back in October.

Case and point, the plan is going great and I am looking forward to the next 9 weeks of going forward with it.

C4 Explosive Energy Pre-Workout – Review

Up fo300r review is C4 Explosive Energy Pre-Workout by Cellucor. Of the several pre-workouts that I have tried, this is my number 1 overall pre-workout drink. There is a wide variety of flavors and sizes to choose from.

Having tried several of the flavors (fruit punch, pine apple*, sweet tea*, blue razz) I have yet to find a flavor that I did not enjoy. This is big since it is a drink that you will be taking before every workout and it needs to be something that makes you excited and puts you in the mood. Even the sweet tea* flavor got me in the mood for a workout. Was not expecting that when I made the purchase.

When it comes to mixing, it mixes very easily. The can says to take with 4-6 ounces of water which is appropriate. Any less than that and it comes out with clumps of powder (when using a blender ball mix cup) but any more and it starts to dilute the flavor and makes it very watery.

It usually takes about 15-20 for it to kick in (as it says on the can) and when it does it will affect different people in different ways. For me I get a warm feeling that brings a lot of focus and energy with it. On days I don’t want to go to the gym it makes me want to go more. On days I do want to go it encourages me to drive harder. This is everything I was looking for in a pre-workout.

The downside is that it get a prickling/tingling feeling. The level of how much this affects me differs everyday but it doesn’t stop me. Some days the prickling stings more than others but it kinda feels good. In a strange way it pushes me to go harder and not stop.


Taste: 8/10, Mixability: 8/10, Effectiveness: 8/10, Value:10/10 sells for regular price of $40 bu it is usually on sale for $30 and a lot of times has further discounts.

* – Indicates discontinued flavor