The App That Changed My Life!

bodyspace-share-iconThese days enarly everyone has a smart phone filled with apps, but how often is it that an app comes out that actually changes your life for the better? Don’t get me wrong, Angry Birds was a great way to kill time when bored in a waiting room but than it also became a great way to procrastinate when I needed to get work done. “I’ll do it in 5 minutes, I really need to kill this green pig!”

The app that changed my life (and this is going to sound like a huge plug) is the BodySpace app by Before I found this app, I used to go to the gym, do the same 5-6 exercises (which had nothing to do with each other) because they were the only ones I knew how to do and went home after. Average time spent at the gym was 30-35 minutes and a good chunk of that was spent trying to figure out what to do next or waiting for someone to get off the machine I wanted to use.

With this app I was able to either pick a premade workout from a long list of them or make my own workout from a choice of over 960 exercises. Each exercise comes with both readable and video instructions on how to do it and it records and saves the sets/reps/pounds that you lifted. I feel like I am the only guy in the gym who actually uses his phone for his workout between sets instead of checking Facebook or Instagram (though I am guilty of that sometimes).

When I first started with this app after gaining weight on my honeymoon, I got myself up to 14-15 exercises for over 1.5 hours a day working out just my upper body. (had a separete leg day). This was great for me because I was learning a lot of exercises and watching as the numbers went up but along the way I started to get pains in both of my elbows. Apparently doing this massive workout (for me) 5-7 days a week was getting to be too much and I started getting a case of golfers/tennis elbow, not sure which one.

This allowed me the opportunity to figure out how to break down my workout to having one day for arms, one day for back/chest/shoulders, one day for legs and one day for power lifting. I usually will do one of the first 2 twice a week. Doing this I was able to learn more exercises and how to do bigger lifts. It also allows me to shorten my gym time during the week so I could work out each section more in less time and get home. Getting home at 730 and get by 8 to have eat dinner at 945 and get to sleep to wake up at 4am to do it all voer again takes a lot out of you so having the extra time at night to do stuff or be with my wife is just as important to me.

The next great thing about this app is that it is more than just a how to and record keeping app. It is a social network with thousands if not millions of people who started out just like me and all working towards reaching the same goal. Can post progress photos, interact with others, status updates, forums. This has added extra motivation to my workout because if they can do it, than why can’t I? Everyone on BodySpace has been great and motivating and extremly helpful.

This app has changed my life, it takes time to get into it and discipline to make it work, but if you are willing to put in the effort, it will surely help anyone who uses it.