Deadlifting, Internet, Moving and Back Pain

Barbell_DeadliftFinally go the internet at my house and it has been great to have, but sadly all of my time outside of work and the gym and has been dedicated to putting the house together, more moving and unpacking.

This past weekend was entirely spent packing up stuff from our parents houses on Saturday just to spend the entire day on Sunday loading it all into a uhaul truck and bringing it to the house. Was exhausted by the time we were done and my back was killing me. With the number of boxes of COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS that my wife had packed, there was no need to go to the gym. Found boxes of homework that she kept from high school, HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

Between the workout that I got from packing and moving and unpacking, and the soreness in my back from moving beds and totes along with other fun stuff, I really wasn’t in the condition to go to the gym on Monday…BBBUUUTTT I did.

I ended up going to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I planned on taking a rest day on Thursday as my body was shot from everything I have been doing all week and my back was sore since I didn’t rest it from moving but I decided to go to the gym anyways and thought to myself, this feels like a great day to do deadlifts. Yeah, I roll like that.

My big reason for wanting to deadlift on Thursday was that the gym I like to go to is going to be closed Friday and Saturday and they close early on Sunday and I have been trying to get a deadlift day in weekly so I can keep working on my form. The form is getting better BTW.

Stepping the weight back from 200 to 135 and working on my form is definatly helping. Maybe I forced myself to lift more weight too fast? I know I was able to handle over 200 but I guess my form got messy as I added more weight. Going to increase the weight slower this time and I have my friend Opi helping me via video messages. It is going well and I am feeling more comfortable as I slowly increase the weight this time so I don’t hurt myself. I have added videos to my Instagram, I will be making a collage of them for YouTube but add me oin Instagram and check it out!



Wrist Wraps?


I get a lot of people coming up to me and asking what I have wrapped around my wrists and why. It isn’t a big deal but it is amusing that people need to ask what wrist wraps are and their purpose. After explaining what they are and why I wear them they stare at me as if I have 3 heads.

I wear them for the wrist support. They help keep me in line so I don’t hurt myself and give me the extra mental security to give my all in my lift without worry. “but why don’t you just wear gloves with the velcro strap?” because I like to feel my weights.  When you can feel the weights it feels like more of an earned achievement of lifting them. I want to to feel like I earned my rest afterwards.

In the long run you need to do what you feel the most comfortable with. If sleeves irritate you when lifting than don’t wear sleeves. If your wrists bother you than wear wraps. I prefer the ones with the thumb loops because they help keep the wrap in place.

Worked Out Without the Preworkout

So I decided to workout last night without my preworkout and my bcaa. I wanted to see what the result would be and to see if there would be a difference in my performance and how I felt throughout the workout.

The first thing I noticed was that my motivation was way down. I didn’t have the rush that I usually get from the pre-workout and I feel that it stopped or prevented me from getting into the mood to be at the gym. I had to find the motivation to push through do the reps.

My strength was there,  I didn’t have to reduce any of the weight for any of my exercises. In some cases I even increased the weight but that could have been part of my regular routine and when I generally increase the weight.

One of the big things that I did notice was that recovery took longer.  My break between sets and exercises was longer than usual which led to my workout taking more time. Not a big fan of sitting around at the gym but workout my bcaa and preworkout, the longer break was needed.

I also noticed that my focus was off. Usually I could snap into the mode but it took longer this time to get there and in some cases I started my set without the focus that I would have liked. My preworkout always helped with this and it was surely missed.

In short,  my experiment showed me that I still have the strength and energy to compete my workout without sacrifice but that it will take longer and I will have to put in an extra effort in order to reach completion,  but maybe this will help my gains.