Internet Today? Hopefully!


So after living the last month with only my cell phone to provide me online services I got a call from Verizon on Monday about my scheduled installation of my Internet which is scheduled for today.

Verizon says to my that they can’t keep my installation date and that I will have to wait an additional 5 weeks for my Internet service. At this point I was angry. I’ve been waiting a month and now they want me to wait over another month to get service. I understand that there is a strike but find a way to help out your customers!

I tell customer service that a previous resident had verizon Internet and the box was still installed and requested them to send me that hardware and the self installation directions. After saying yes they then told me they couldn’t send it. After arguing with them for several hours and numerous phone calls (customer service began routing customer service calls to their dispatchers! I finally got some help.

I was told that they would send me a 4g lte Hotspot with unlimited data cap to use until I got the Internet. They next told me that suddenly they could come on Wednesday (my original appointment) and make the installation. What changed? Not sure, I got the Hotspot last night and set it up hoping that the Internet will come today and that I won’t have to use the Hotspot at all.

Once all this is done I can finally get back to blogging and start working on my videos that I have had sitting on my hard drive for the last month and start the vlog!