Starting Something New

So far so good on my plans to be more active on my blog. I enjoy being able to tell my story and share my experiance with anyone who wants to read it. I will also communicate with anyone who wants to talk, just leave me a comment and I will respond.

This week I have decided to try P90X3. My wife has decided that she will do some of the workouts with me, sadly some nights we just don’t get to see each other because we are so busy and those nights are really hard for nus to get the time to fit the workout in. Event though the workout itself is only 30 minutes, it is more like an hour due to the preparation before and after, the shower and making sure that we have energy to do whatever else we have to do.

At this point I am 2 workouts into the program and I am trying my best to be able to do it every day but some days are just not long enough. These workouts are intense! Most of the exercise uses body weight or elastic stretch bands and don’t seem like much until you start doing them. 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time but by the time 10-12 minutes has passed I am already covered in sweat. 

Some of the exercises are fun, some of them are challenging and others are just like huh? The only thing that gets annoying about the program is the instructor. He seems like he either knows what he is doing (which I hope) or that he is a good actor. He has an annoying sense of humor which gets old pretty fast. The upside is that he is energetic about doing the program and that helps me to be able to do the work. Rather learn from an energetic and annoying person than a bored quiet person.

The other downside is that since this program is owned by BeachBody, there is a lot of advertisments before and after the workout. I get the fact that they want to advertise other products in this video but does it have to be before and after each workout? 

I will post pictures in a future update, they are on my cellphone. I feel this will definatly help me, the question is how much? My friends and I have started another 3 month cycle of our “Biggest Loser” challenge. I lost the first by .2% and was a little bummed but hopefully I can push myself more this time around.

Stay tuned!

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