Hitting a Snag

My big issue lately has been that even though I am still working out 3-5 days a week and not eating too badly (I slip here and there), I have stopped losing weight. I would love to say that I hit a plateau but that wouldn’t be true. I have actually started gaining weight.

Since I started doing a “Biggest Loser” challenge with my wife and friend I have lost weight. From January first to April 1st I lost 3.2% from 180.5 to 175.4 and that was weigh in on a good day. At times during the challenge I was around 171-172 and feeling great. Now it is possible that I have gained muscle which adds weight since muscle weighs more than fat and I do see what looks like bigger arms, but nothing that would cause me to gain 5-6 pounds of it.

I remain active and we are going to be  continuing the challenge or starting it brand new and I am going to try to do some more things to try to maintain myself and hopefully cut some of the fat. During the challenge I was able to gauge my body fat percentage and currently it is around 14.4 where as at points during the challenge it was around 11-12. Hopefully I can get back to this, not sure which diet I should try since I feel like they all leave me hungry and I end up eating more food as a result. It seems like dieting actually makes me worse than when I eat whatever I want to eat. Strange I know.

Stay tuned and I will post again shortly!

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