Unpacking and Back to Normal Living

casaburi_retro2This week has been crazy busy for me.  Spent all last weekend moving stuff into the house and figuring out where it is going and everyday since then unpacking all the boxes. Moving sucks! At least it is a bigger place and I can have space for all the random things that I love to do.

Life is getting back on track. I’ve adapted to the longercommute to work and sitting in some traffic. I get to listen to a lot of music which is always good. I’m still using the University gym for as long as I can. I think I have until June or July before I can’t go anymore. I’ll miss it,  has a great crowd and seems more like a judgement free Zone.

My gym workouts this week have been amazing! I’m reaching new personal records daily and really feeling good about myself. Coming home to a bigger place has been very helpful as well.

Today I did leg day and smashed through almost all of my past stats. My legs feel great. I wish I could do legs weekly but I get so much knee pain that it limits me to days where they aren’t bothering me. They are few and far between but today was one of those days!

I’m also getting better at dips. I can do 3 sets of 8. Eventually I want to 3 sets of 10 but the big change is I’m not using assistance!

Sorry tthis is short,  I wanted to update and I don’t have the Internet at my house yet so I’m blogging on my phone and it is quite annoying but better than nothing.


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