End of Break and Supplement Cleanse

So on Tuesday it was my first day back at the gym and did I miss it. My body was feeling 1240053_677711735601149_885581815_nreally good after a few days off the gym and I took my pre-workout and BCAA. I was pumped and I was ready. I decided to do everybodies favorite workout, ARM DAY!

I missed the feeling of the pre-workout, once I took it again I couldn’t figure out why I decided to stop for a few days. The workout felt that much more fullfilling. I raised the weight on nearly every exercise. Was this because of the rest or the pre-workout? Who knows, all I know is that I had new PRs, felt great and was very happy with myself and in the long run, isn’t that the gym is supposed to do for us?

I set my goals and I am on the way the conquering them. Sometimes taking a break from the gym for a few days allows us to rest fully and push more when we return. I definatly had more energy and strength than usual and I was happy to expend it.


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