End of Rest Week and Supplement Cleanse

Today is the final day of my rest week. I have been resting my body since the 7th and today is the 11th and I will back at the gym on the 12th. This will mark 5 full days away from the gym. I figured this would be a good idea to let my body rest and for some aches and pains to go away.

elbow-painBefore I started this week of rest I was having pain in both my elbows (leftover golf/tennis elbow?) and a few other minor pains. I was able to work through these issues but I was also
able to tell that they were slowly getting worse. After 5 days of not using the gym I feel much better. I have full plans on hitting the gym tomorrow and having a hardcore workout. Will the pains come back? Who knows, wouldn’t shock me because I push myself a lot. Part of me enjoys the pain, makes me feel like I succeeded. No pain, no gain. Is that still the saying?

Either way, I know I probaably gained a pound or 5 as I have not been the best at momnitoring my diet during this time but I will be sure to burn that off as fast as I can. Planning on a lot of gym stuff coming up.

I’ve been away from the supplements for 7 days. Typically these do not affect me unless I300 have taken them recently. I posted what it was like for me to go to the gym without the supplements (pre-workout, BCAA, protein, creatine) but it has not felt any different when I have not been at the gym, so no complaints there.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym and I will be taking my supplements and I can’t wait. I miss the drive and I miss the feeling of being at the gym. Stay tuned as I post about it.


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